Suitable for periods of diets

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ESHRED contains a bioactive ingredient called Epistane that helps promote anabolic processes as well as boosting muscle growth.

   •    Epistane in its purest form

   •    Anti-estrogen formula   

   •    Pure muscle growth

   •    Suitable for periods of dieting

   •    Huge anabolic effect

Eshred is an absolutely unique formula from the UG-pharma workshop. Each capsule contains 15 mg of Epistane. Try the secret weapon of the USA bodybuilders!


What is epistane?

It is a highly active compound that binds to androgen receptors. It was specially formulated in order to create anabolic effect. Interestingly, it is often mistaken for IA (aromatase inhibitor). In fact, it has strong effects on the growth of pure muscle mass. 

How does Epistane increase weight?

Epistane binds to the androgen receptors of skeletal muscle and to stem muscle cells. When it binds to the receptor, it creates a signal that increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Thanks to its ability to build pure muscles it is suitable as part of a pre-competitive cycle.

If you are looking to build rock hard muscles, ESHRED by UG-Pharma is the best choice of PH supplement for you!

Warning for registered athletes!!!

Even though prohormones are not anabolic steroids, you may have a positive doping test after consumption. Detection time is not yet specified, but most frequently it will be something between from several hours to 60days.

In regards that it is an anti-estrogen formula, you can expect gains of the highest quality muscles, without any unnecessary water. The main ingredient Epistane has a low androgenic, but extremely high anabolic effectiveness. With ESHRED you will experience muscle gains in record-breaking time!

Nutrition Facts
Serving size:1capsule
Servings per container:90
Amount per serving
E-SHRED Blend:15mg*
2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol (EPISTANE)
* Daily value not established
Other ingredients: gelatin, rice flour.


Manufactured as a dietary supplement. Take one capsule three times a day. Take with plenty of water. Do not exceed the dose of 3 capsules within 24 hours. The best results will be achieved if combined with the regular workout and high-quality nutrition. After you have finished ESHRED cycle, it is recommended to follow with Arimi-T for the best PCT. For maximised effect it is recommended to combine with other supplements by UG-pharma: Demonize, Hydra, Decimate, Eshred, Sentinel or Savage

1.week3 capsules a day
2.week3 capsules a day
3.week3 capsules a day
4.week3 capsules a day
PCT-Arimit, or PCT
5.week3 capsules a day
6.week3 capsules a day
7.week3 capsules a day
8.week3 capsules a day

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